Monday, September 6, 2010

Baby Telford #2

The news has long been out, but I've neglected the blog. In February, there will be another baby Telford! I was a little worried after having an ovary and cyst removed in January that getting pregnant might be difficult. With only one ovary, I thought my chances would be cut in half. My doctor said that they wouldn't, but I have to admit I was still skeptical. A few months after the surgery we started to try and get pregnant...and a few months later we were pregnant!

Even though I'd been through pregnancy before, I still worried (and still do) endlessly. Every pain or ache makes me question "is everything ok"? So far everything has worked out just fine and I'm about 17-18 weeks along. My next appointment will tell us if we are having a girl or a boy.

This pregnancy has proved the "every pregnancy is different" statement. I wasn't nauseated and puking for the first 13 weeks. I had "moments", but they were just moments thank goodness! Physically it has been more difficult on my body. I ache and am very sore. Getting comfortable is already difficult. No heartburn though (yet)! I've been extremely tired, but this could also be contributed to chasing a very active toddler.

One of the most difficult complications that I've had has been my gallbladder. If you've never had gallbladder issues, count yourself lucky! That little bitty thing can be extremely painful. I think I'd rather give birth any day over having a gallbladder attack. OUCH! I found out 2 days after a positive pregnancy test that I had gallstones. Thankfully I have meds that pretty much control the attacks. If it gets worse my OB says we can remove it during the 2nd trimester without much risk. I didn't know it was common for subsequent pregnancies for gallbladder issues to form. Wow.

Thanks everyone for your support and encouragement thus far during the pregnancy! Love to all!

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HB said...

Yay for another Telford! So excited for you, Molly! I had no idea you'd had surgery in January. If I had known, I would have brought you a yummy meal and some oreos. :) Hope the gallbladder attacks subside. Love you!