Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Birthday Boy--Quincy turns One

We opened presents and Quincy had a blast! He got so many fun things. His favorite was his Razorback game jersey from his momma! We we calling the HOGS here. Note the look on his face! He loves the Hogs ALMOST as much as he loves his momma!

Two very dear friends, Krysta and Heather. It was so special to me that Krysta and her family, minus one, came to the party. Krysta had a baby one week before this picture was taken. She had just been out of the hospital 3 days and she came to Quincy's party. Quincy, Nicholas, and William Paul will be lifelong friends if their parents have anything to do with it!!!

We had Quincy's first birthday party a few days before his actual birthday. It was a wonderful, memorable day. I waver between perfection carefree chaos! I had planned how I wanted certain aspects of his party, others knew were out of my control and just let it be. It turned out to be a really special day because most of our closest friends and family were able to attend. We had it at the church. That was a great place--plenty of room for the kids to run wild. We had the gym to use, the playroom, and the youth cafe for eating.

Quincy was in a great mood despite his lack of sleep the night before (more on that later). He played hard and did a great job on the cupcake! He ate it ALL, squished it between his fingers like we had rehearsed it or something!

This picture below is from church. Every month they celebrate birthday's of kids from that month. Quincy had cake two days in a row and was literally climbing the walls! Our church children's ministry leader has made so many events in Q's life memorable. The birthday pyarty was one of them. Thank you Susan, you are truly a blessing from God. You do a wonderful job!

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Mary said...

Love your blog! Quincy is too cute!