Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Heart Attack

No one had a heart attack. But, I almost did. Yesterday. But everyone is okay and I didn't have "tha big one". I picked up Q yesterday at daycare and began loading him up in the car. He loves to play with my keys and I wait until the absolute last second to take them from him. Know where this is going? So, I got him all buckled in, got the keys, and tossed them in the drivers seat. I shut the door and started around the car. That's when I heard it. beep beep. The sound of my car doors locking...and by themselves!!! I thought, "maybe it was another car" but when I checked, nope, it was mine. Panic. What do I do? I could bust the window in...um, don't really have the funds to replace the window. Who cares? MY BABY IS IN THERE! I could call the police and they could bust in the window. I realized quickly that my phone was in the car as well. I borrowed another parents phone, called John, said, "it's an emergency, I locked Q in the car, it's hot, come NOW". I kept saying that I'd locked him in. Although I didn't, I felt like I had.

We have an older car. No On Star. An actual safety feature of the car is that if you walk away without locking it, it will lock itself. Not really something that I consider a safety feature. A safety feature is that the car won't allow itself to lock. Who cares about a purse? I had a baby in the car.

So John was on his way, flashers on and all. But, it was 5 o'clock. Traffic. Even had he gotten there in 30 seconds, it would have been WAY TOO LONG! I had so many plans in my head. The minute he started crying, window was coming out, and with my bare hands. If he even looked too hot, again, window out with my bare hands. I stood outside the car and played peek-a-boo, sang songs, did the disappearing stair step...you name it, I did it to keep my baby smiling. And that he did, smile, the entire time until John arrived. I don't know how long it was...time was stopped in my mind anyway. The only two things that kept me sane were the fact that Q was enjoying the entertainment (he was smiling) and the thought that I could break out the window at any moment if I needed to. I knew that he was okay, hot maybe, but okay and that if that changed at any second then I could get to him within a few seconds. Don't doubt my strength. I could have lifted the car with one hand yesterday, alone. And held it there.

I know that I will have many more mintues like this as a mom: helpless. It was awful. All is well now:)

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