Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The River

Let me just make a disclaimer before writing this post: you may be offended.

Last weekend we went to the river. Not the lake, but the Ouachita River. Except for the life-sized mosquitos and the horseflies that had needles for stingers, we had a great time.

There was so much for Q to get into that we all stayed very busy. Mike actually lives on a riverboat. He made it. It is very very cool. Once you are inside, you have no idea that you are on a boat until another boat goes by and you realize that you are rocking back and forth. Or when you look out of the window to a most beautiful view. Other than that, oh, I forgot to mention the skinky sulfer smelling well water, you really don't know you are on a boat. There is a flat screen tv, cable, several bedrooms, bath, kitchen complete with oven and full size refrigerator. We mostly stayed outside where Q like to walk up and down the ramp to the boat. Someone was always holding onto him AND had had a lifejacket on any time we were outside. Also outside my mom had bought him a swimming pool (which also doubled as a bathtub). And she got him his first ever fishing pole. I think that she hoped to help him use it, but he had a different thing in mind. He just went around swinging it back and forth. I was hoping to not be around when Q came by. The pole HURT!

Hope you enjoy the pictures.

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