Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What's That???

Well, if you are wondering what we've been up to, see the title of the post! Q has mastered the words, "what's that?"! And he says them over and over and over again!!! Even after we tell him what that is, he will ask again. We are having so much fun watching him discover and learn new things. Here are a few new tasks he enjoys doing: putting ANYTHING in the trashcan, putting ANYTHING in the laundry basket (and then taking it out so he can put it in again), pushing his dumptruck around, helping with chores (loading the dishwasher or dryer, mopping or sweeping), gently petting Jack and Bella, tearing up paper (we gladly let him tear up bills), dancing his heart out, trying to run and jump, eating almost anything, going outside to water the flowers, playing in the water. Okay, I won't go on and on...basically Q enjoys life, and I'm learning from him to stop, smell the roses (literally he does this, not sure who taught him), and live in the moment.

We are all busy, with work mainly. I think that a full moon has been out for about 2 months now. At least it feels that way. I've been in the ER doing psych screens like crazy, no pun intended! Work doesn't ususally feel like work, which is great. My body feels it though. The more I work, the more I hurt. I'm thinking of making an appointment with a pain management doctor this week. I've contemplated this many times but always hesitate because I feel like this is my last line of treatment, and if this doesn't work, then what? That really scares me. But the past few weeks have been really hard on my back and I've decided to go ahead and bite the bullet. I feel like I've tried everything and had no relief, so hopefully this will work. We'll see.

When we are not working, or answering the question, "what's that", we are exercising. John is still running, but not as much. I've taken up bike riding. I got a new bike that helps me to sit up straight and doesn't put any strain on my back. I really like it. More than the bike, I enjoy the scenery that it helps me to see! I love Arkansas. It is absolutely beautiful! My friend Mary let me borrow her bike trailer to put Q in. That was an experience. Glad we borrowed before we bought. First, that thing is heavy, I'm guessing 25lbs. And Q is heavy, another 25-30lbs. So pulling 60 lbs of dead weight is killer. So killer that the scenery is no longer beautiful! I think if Q was smaller, it would be great fun. But for now, he wants to ride his own bike, not be trailed behind one. Thank you though Mary!

Our computer has died, so I can't upload pictures unless I go to John's office. I will try and do that for the next post. Sorry for not updating as much, life is so busy, but so good~! Love to all, Molly

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