Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Geez, I really really promise!

I've been so bad about updating this blog. Poor Zoe won't have much to document her time in the womb or first few months. But, really, I want to do better. Being on maternity leave and having no one to talk to except a baby that can't talk back has me left with lots to say! Life is very busy around here. First, no one told me that double the kids does NOT equal double the work. I'm not too good at math, but I do know that the rules of mathematics do not apply to kiddos. So, since no one warned me I want to warn others--double the kiddos has at least TRIPLED the work! Don't get me wrong...there is nothing I'd rather work harder at than raising my kids, it's just that I was a bit surprised at the workload.

Zoe is the sweetest baby girl. I mean, how can a baby girl not be sweet? She has the biggest smile and loves to cuddle. And then with all the frilly dresses, giant bows, colorful pinks and lilacs in her clothes...a recipe for cuteness. She is so tiny. Just now weighing in at 9lbs 6oz. she is still wearing some newborn clothes. Her favorite thing is to be swaddled very tightly by the master (her daddy) and put in her swing. She sleeps there. Sleep--we are still working on that.

I forgot how hard the lack of sleep was. In fact, I forgot almost everything from that time with Q because I was so sleep deprived! We are improving but that is difficult. The "sleep when she sleeps" is just not possible. I mean, I have a family to feed, clothe...when would I do the laundry or make dinner if I slept when she slept? It sounds like a good piece of advice, but I've not really found it to be all that practical. In fact, all that is practical has really gone out the window at this point. We are in survival mode. And, it is working so far. We'll stick to what works for now.

Promise promise promise myself that I will do better on this post. I've got lots to say:)


hannah said...

yay! i'm so glad you posted.

i'm worried about the workload. i thought about the can't sleep with she sleeps thing too. i'm already worried. i remember being pregnant thinking that i knew what it was like to be a mother. WRONG.

and now i've thought i knew what it was like to be a mother with one child. wrong again, i know.

how do people with 3 or 4 small ones under 3 years old do it!? i'm struggling with my bad 2 year old.

at least she's pretty :) seriously. and you know that it will pass. and then you won't have to live in survival mode. praying for you guys.

Alex and Jill said...

Good to see a post from you!!! I remember the sleep deprivation. I think. :) I can't imagine juggling two. We're praying about when we should start trying for #2....kind of scary to think about!

Your babies are beautiful.

Love ya, girl!